Dr. Clinton Lee & Associates

The original 6-week real estate program creator – 2003

I created this program to help working professionals get the training they need in the most efficient way possible. Time is money so why not learn the right way, and pass the first time. – Dr. Clinton Lee

Why Take The 6 Week Realty Program?

  1. Complete the course within 6 weeks and then within 2-3 weeks after completion we recommend
    you write the final examination.
  2. Don’t fail on your first attempt otherwise you will need to wait 90 days. This waiting period will
    cost you in potential lost earnings through commissions.
  3. Our course has been redesigned for serious people who want to create a new career. We
    understand you.
  4. This program has been tested many times over and its works.
  5. All instructors are highly experienced in their fields. You learn both theory and practical aspects
    on this course.
  6. The financial section is made easy and enjoyable with fear put aside.
  7. Our timetable is set, but there is flexibility and we will try to accommodate your schedule.
  8. We encourage student study groups and our lecturer to student ratio is one of the highest in the
  9. We assist you before you become successful and we will assist you to join a realty firm that suits

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